20th. March 2002

Zeehan Primary School in Tasmania contacts the International Space Craft.
ISS through the ARISS Program.
This is the FIRST contact by the Space Station with a shool in Australia.

Congratulations to Amateur Radio Operators Shane VK7KHZ and Dick VK7KVB for making this event possible.
Thanks to the Australian Mentor Tony Hutchinson VK5ZAI for co-ordinating
this event.

Success at last!

Antenna used for communication with ISS


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07:27pm, Shane Lynd - NA1SS, NA1SS This is VK7KHZ Zeehan Primary School, Zeehan Tasmania calling do you receive OVER


  1. This is Natasha Board – How long do you stay on the ISS before returning home OVER
  2. This is Dylan Bramich – How often do you get to talk to your family OVER
  3. This is Jamie Keogh – What is the hardest thing about working in zero gravity OVER
  4. This is Daniel Mackrell – What is it like to walk in space OVER
  5. This is Emma McKenzie – What do you do in your spare time, are you able to watch TV or listen to radio OVER
  6. This is Tristan Nankervis – What type of food do you eat in space and how is it prepared OVER
  7. This is Michael Turner – What happens to your rubbish, is it bought back to Earth for disposal OVER
  8. This is Tahana Beamsley – What, for you is the most anxious part of space travel, Lift-off or re-entering the earth’s atmosphere OVER
  9. This is Natalie Maine – How do you prepare your body for your return to Earth OVER
  10. This is Thomas Brooke – What happens if something goes wrong and you have to evacuate the ISS OVER
  11. This is Melissa Campbell – What types of Space experiments are you involved in on the ISS OVER
  12. This is Naomi Duggan – How do you sleep in zero gravity OVER
  13. This is Ashleigh Docherty – Why do you have to wear the Space suit only when you are outside the Space Station and at lift-off & re-entry OVER
(Station Close)

NA1SS this is Thomas Lynd, This concludes our list of prepared questions.

On behalf of the students of Zeehan Primary School and Grade 5/6 teacher Miss Weidenhofer I wish to say thank-you for this exciting opportunity to speak with you, we wish you well and we will be watching with interest your return to Ea rth.

This is VK7KHZ - OUT

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