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Steve VK7UD (standing) & Tony VK7AX (seated)
Operating switching of on course video during the 1990 World Rowing Championships


Digital 445.50 Mhz DVB-T 1280x720 HD MPEG2

Digital 1250.00 Mhz DVB-S (experimental)

Digital 1250.00 Mhz DVB-T (experimental)


 REPEATERS - Home Pages and Information

2m. VK7RTV 146.775 mhz - Stowport  Click Here   ( Hosts  VK7JH/VK7AQ )

6m. VK7RDR 53.775 mhz - Dazzler Range  Click Here  (Hosts VK7AX/VK7AQ)

70cm. VK7RDR 439.775 mhz Dazzler Range  Click Here  (Hosts VK7AX/VK7AQ)


VK7AX  Video Stream Link

courtesy BATC

ATV via VIDEO STREAM at   https://batc.org.uk/live/vk7ax  


  News & Updates

North West Tasmanian Amateur Television Group (NWT-ATVG)


Both WIA National & VK 7 Regional News are broadcast on the following Frequencies & Links
Sundays at 9:00am

146.775  (VK7RTV Stowport)

439.775  (VK7RDR Dazzler Range)

445.50 DATV in Ulverstone  (DVB-T 1280 x 720 HD mpeg2)
BATC Video Streamer at  https://batc.org.uk/live/vk7ax

 Allstar Nodes 27328 and 28348


 Packet Wormhole  Gateway and FBB BBS  fully operational.

(IP addresses updated 15 March 2019)

Work has been continuing with the configuration of jnos Gateway and the FBB BBS.
The latest version of Jnos 2.0J has been compiled and is configured to provide the facilities required to
 function as a wormhole using the 44 AMPRnet  Network with all facilities such as
telnet, ftp, convers, email and BBS facilities to name a few.

The jnos Gateway appears to be operating as expected and interested persons are able to telnet
or browse using http to the gateway and FBB BBS by using the IP numbers below.

(Telnet to jnos  port 23 )

( http to jnos )

(Telnet to FBB BBS port 6300)

First time uses of both systems are able to log in under "guest" status and can request various connection
privileges by sending a message to the sysop... don't forget to leave your email address for confirmation.

It is suggested that a program such as Winpack  would be an easy way for users to access the
jnos gateway and the FBB BBS. using telnet.   It is still available as Winpack V6.8.     Just google it.

Investigation into the the return of RF ports are under way and will of course depend on user interest.

73 Tony VK7AX (Sysop)



VK7 Amateur Radio News   & WIA (VK) National News - Broadcasts

VK7 Amateur Radio News - mp3 file   Click Here   WIA (VK) National News Broadcast - mp3 file   Click Here

 VK7 Amateur Radio News - html file   Click Here   WIA (VK) National News Broadcast - html file   Click Here 

 VK7 Amateur Radio News - text file   Click Here   WIA (VK) National News Broadcast - text file   Click Here



WIA (VK) National & VK7 Amateur Radio News (Sundays @ 0900 Hrs. Local)

For detailed info & downloads, visit Spectrum's Home Page  Click Here


 On Air Services

6M - 53.775Mhz Repeater VK7RDR located at Dazzler Range

Echolink Node 469119)

2M - 146.775MHz Repeater VK7RTV located at Stowport

(VKlink Node 1702 / Echolink Node 467772 - VK7RTV-R)


70CM - 439.775Mhz Repeater VK7RDR located at Dazzler Range

 Echolink Node 337626 - VK7RDR-R)


2M - 147.600Mhz  Packet Radio FBB BBS  -  access via telnet

and Jnos Packet & Nos Gateway  -  http access Click Here

Jnos  -  access via telnet


LOCAL Links and services

Remote Monitor of Allstar Node 27328 Status  (lsnodes)

Remote Monitor of Allstar Node 27328 Status  (supermon)

 Remote Monitor of Allstar Node  28348 Status  (lsnodes)

Remote Monitor of Allstar Node  28348 Status  (supermon)

VKlink Network Status Page

Remote Monitor of VKlink Node 1702




Important Links

Repeaters - Propagation Charts    (Click Here)

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 Merchandise Page    (Click Here)

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   Xmas Dinner - 9 December 2009  Gallery

WIA National News 22nd. Nov.2009 -  News Readers



 RES for ALL Training Requirements

Foundation Licence Manual

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